google/zx provides wonrderful solution to write shell script, it keeps the simple writing experience of shell, however fully experience of JavaScript and async/await.

I wanted to reproduce it in C#. I’ve previously created to modernized Process library — ProcessX — Simplify call an external process with async streams in C# 8.0.

C#’s top level statement, async/await extensibility and static using are perfect as an internal DSL and is able to provide simplicity comparable to zx.

These are already available in ProcessX (v1.4.2), so you can install them with NuGet and try them out right away!


Last month, I’ve released a new library called MessagePipe.

GitHub — Cysharp/MessagePipe

It mainly supports Publish/Subscribe patterns in in-memory, and covers all cases with a unified interface. For example, it supports communication between different hubs in MagicOnion and SignalR for real-time communication, messenger pattern for loosely coupling between V-VM in GUI application development such as WPF (EventAggregator in Prism library), implementation of Mediator pattern for CQRS architecture in server applications(MediatR in ASP.NET), and communication between game objects in Unity such as SignalBus in Zenject and MessageBroker in UniRx.

One thing that is common to all the libraries provided by Cysharp

We released MagicOnion v4 from Cysharp last week.

MagicOnion has been built on the design principles of C# as Schema, Code-First Contracts for four years, immediately following the release of gRPC 1.0. Until now, we have been using gRPC C Core from Google, and now we are using the Microsoft implementation of ASP.NET Core Pure C#.

This has allowed us to share the same foundation as ASP.NET Core MVC, etc., so it’s much easier to provide gRPC and live together, such as providing HTTP/1 REST API and HTML output.

And most importantly, performance has improved.

Thanks for the ASP.NET…

I’m based in Japan, and the company I founded, Cysharp, is not as well known in besides Japan. However, you may know the OSS I’m making, as several of them have received many stars on GitHub as well.

.NET people will know of my work in high-performance serializers such as MessagePack for C#. It is used by SignalR’s binary protocol, ASP.NET Core Blazor, Visual Studio, etc.

Unity people will know of my work in UniRx — Reactive Extensions for Unity.

Cysharp was founded in 2018 as a subsidiary of Cygames, one of the largest known mobile gaming companies in Japan…

The only way to handle external processes in C# is with the Process class, but this API is very old, and asynchronous support would require a lot of flag and boilerplate code.

So I created a library that “just throws a line of string like writing a shell,” “receives the result in a C# 8.0 asynchronous stream, which also only requires a line of await foreach,” and “handles ExitCode, StdError, etc. appropriately.

There are other wrapper libraries for Process. However, assuming C# 8.0 Async Streams, ProcessX makes it the simplest.

What would normally take about 30…

I’ve renewed ConsoleAppFramework, a framework for easily creating CLI applications and many batches in C#.

The concept of a CLI framework on top of Generic Host, the basic structure, remains unchanged.

The method definitions become command line arguments, and help is generated automatically, as well as settings of loggers and DIs, and loading and binding of options in the Generic Host (also used in ASP.NET Core, etc.), so you can do detailed configuration with it. Since the foundation is the same, it can be shared with ASP.NET Core and others.

The simplest example would look like this

It’s been a few months since we released UniTask v2, and we’re now at version 2.0.31, GitHub’s Star is achieved over 1100. We believe it is stable and will be used in production.

For more information on UniTask v2, see this article - UniTask v2 — Zero Allocation async/await for Unity, with Asynchronous LINQ.

With the introduction of async/await, it is possible to implement new designs. Let’s take UnityWebRequest as an example of an asynchronous, pluggable and extensible design.

I will introduce it under the name async decorator pattern, but it is commonly known as Middleware.

It is a common…

I’ve previously published UniTask, a new async/await library for Unity, now I’ve rewritten all the code and released new one.

GitHub — Cysharp/UniTask

In UniTask v2, almost everything is zero-allocated due to a thorough rewrite of the code (Technical details to follow). In addition to significant performance improvements, the new asynchronous sequences and Asynchronous LINQ. Others, await extensions for external assets such as DOTween and Addressables Support has also been built in for added convenience.

Before I talk about v2, here’s a recap. async/await is a feature that has been included since C# 5.0. Just like writing asynchronous code in…

I’ve just released a new logging library ZLogger for .NET Core and Unity. It is very fast, and using previously introduced ZString — Zero Allocation StringBuilder in the backend, it eliminates the allocation when formatting the string.

GitHub — Cysharp/ZLogger

The standard output is especially important for containerization. For example, Datadog Logs and Stackdriver Logging collect logs directly from the standard output of the container. Writing to standard output is also recommended in The Twelve-Factor App — XI. Logs section. As such, dealing with over-decorated logs for the local environment and standard output in a slow Console.WriteLine …

For .NET Core and Unity, I have released a library called ZString that enables the memory allocation to zero for string generation. Besides introducing ZString, this article also deeply disassembles and explains the C# string and explains the String’s complexities and pitfalls and the necessity of ZString.

I am the author of high-performance serializers such as MessagePack for C# and Utf8Json. This is one of them, for performance enthusiasts.

The table below shows the performance measurement of a simple string concatenation called “x:” + x + “ y:” + y + “ z:” + z’.

Yoshifumi Kawai

a.k.a. neuecc. Creator of UniRx, UniTask, MessagePack for C#, MagicOnion etc. Microsoft MVP for C#. CEO/CTO of Cysharp Inc. Live and work in Tokyo, Japan.

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