Last month, I’ve released a new library called MessagePipe.

GitHub — Cysharp/MessagePipe

It mainly supports Publish/Subscribe patterns in in-memory, and covers all cases with a unified interface. For example, it supports communication between different hubs in MagicOnion and SignalR for real-time communication, messenger pattern for loosely coupling between V-VM in GUI application development such as WPF (EventAggregator in Prism library), implementation of Mediator pattern for CQRS architecture in server applications(MediatR in ASP.NET), and communication between game objects in Unity such as SignalBus in Zenject and MessageBroker in UniRx.

One thing that is common to all the libraries provided by Cysharp

Yoshifumi Kawai

a.k.a. neuecc. Creator of UniRx, UniTask, MessagePack for C#, MagicOnion etc. Microsoft MVP for C#. CEO/CTO of Cysharp Inc. Live and work in Tokyo, Japan.

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