Photon Server Deep Dive — View from Implmentation of PhotonWire, Multiplayer Framework for Unity

I’ve been creating PhotonWire, which is a multiplayer framework for Unity built on Photon Server. Last moth I talked about PhotonWire and Photon Server. Here is presentation slide.

PhotonWire provides client-server RPC with Photon Unity Native SDK and server-server RPC with Photon Server SDK. PhotonWire mainly aims to control server side logic entirely and improve performance by MsgPack serializer and asynchronous codes(server by async/await, client by UniRx).


Page 30, I announced new wire format called ZeroFormatter. It is infinitely fast serializer so boost your C#, Unity application.

* Do not deserialize(similar as FlatBuffers, Cap’n Proto)
* Do not need schema language, pre-code generate(on server)
* C# Specificated API
* Support CLR, DotNET Core, Unity
* Support IList, IDictionary, ILookup(multi-dictionary) and Tuple on native wire format

It will be available on next month. Please wait a moment.

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